Outside Pet Adventures

Goldendoodle puppy running with a stick

Summer is almost here! That means sun, shades, and more opportunities to get outside with your favorite four-legged friend! Take advantage of the warm weather and get in some exercise! Your dog will thank you for it. The summer months are the perfect time to do a little extra exploring or to find some new activities. Check out these fun activities you can do with your dog in the spring and summer months!


Dog Beach Trip

Dig those toes – and paws! – into the warm sand. But make sure you’re at a beach that is cool with you bringing your sweet pup. Dog’s love playing in the sand and even the water. It’s a great way to soak up the sun and get them the exercise they’re craving!


Sprinkler or pool

If your dog loves water, then this is a great way to keep cool as the temperatures begin to rise. You can also play fetch by having your pal retrieve a ball or toy from the water - safely, of course.


Agility course

Set up a few obstacles in the yard – think hula-hoops and agility cones – and enjoy some pet-friendly exercise. Physical activity is a great way to keep your dog in shape by strengthening their joint, muscles, and heart. Be sure to keep a fresh bowl of water nearby to ensure they’re staying hydrated while they’re enjoying some outdoor activities.



Dogs like to ruff it, right? It’s a bad pun, but a fun activity for the two of you. Roughing it in the woods is a great way to mix up the fun. Before you blaze those trails, make sure your dog is up to date on their flea and tick treatments!