Important Announcement


To Our Family of Nature's Select Customers: We have some BIG NEWS to share with you!


After some long hard decision processing, my husband Rick & I are happy to announce...we are officially retiring at the end of the summer. You will all be in good, good hands and will still be able to purchase your favorite Nature's Select pet food products moving forward. Nature's Select Headquarters in Orange County CA will be servicing all of our clients starting by late August 2024. Note that this transition won't take place for another 6-8 weeks as we deplete our remaining inventory so please continue to order as you are now with us directly. If we happen to run out of your favorite recipe item before then, please let us know and we will get you taken care of and have their team start servicing you sooner than later 951-684-5458


Rick and I have been a part of Nature's Select for over 17 years as a local distributor in the Inland Empire. Some of you have been with me since the beginning and early days of 2007 when we first started. Some of you I have met at local farmers markets, home & garden shows or just about anywhere that would let us set up a booth and educate folks on healthy pet food. We have cherished you trusting us with your pet food needs all these years. This was a tough decision as we have never really viewed what we do as work. It has always been joyful - I say that wholeheartedly. I've loved it all. Even back when I was doing my own pet food deliveries, setting up for shows, making phone calls, doing the whole "one man show" thing, it really never felt like work. We have always had such an amazing product. And because of that, most of that joy came from true life stories of customers like you calling and thanking us for making such a difference in your pets lives and thanking us for our outstanding customer service. Just this morning I received this message from a customer: "Thank you so much for the personal service. You have no idea...."


I don't believe we are a typical business in this day and age. We don't have the returns from unsatisfied customers, complaints or inventory issues. Those things were extremely rare. Can you imagine.... a business with just happy, satisfied people? That was us! So when I say it was a tough decision to retire, I mean it. But, with the future of potentially moving out of state, this was a decision that had to be made before we could move on with any other big life decisions for our family. Thank you so much for all the love, support and compliments you have shown us over the past 17 years. You each have made what we did one of our biggest joys. 


You won't have any issues continuing on with your Nature's Select pet food orders, just as I won't as a lifetime Nature's Select customer myself for my own pups. We see this as a big benefit for our local pet food customers as you will continue to receive your favorite Nature's Select products through personalized, friendly customer service. Our websites, pricing, product line and subscription automation are almost identical with the corporate store so rest assured that your orders will be handled properly, professionally, and in a timely manner. Your orders will be shipped via FedEx Home Delivery and you can expect your order to arrive next business day if placing orders weekdays Monday through Friday before 1pm PST. As we get closer to the official transition date I will send a follow up email to you all with your new Nature's Select contact information and further details. Their office team is amazing and they are ready to welcome you all with open arms when the time comes for us to officially close our doors. 


Until then - note that this email is strictly informative so that no one is caught off guard in the 6-8 weeks when things transition as we deplete our remaining pet food inventory at our local Riverside warehouse location. Kindly contact us for a last reorder or reach out with any questions or to simply say goodbye - we'd love to hear your pet food story with us and wish you the best. 


Please continue to reach out to us for orders and place them as normal through August 2024:


With much gratitude,


Rick and Shelly Weaver