How to Store Pet Food

How to Store Your Dog Food

While summer may be coming to a close soon, it is still hot outside and guess what? Ants are out and about! Protect your pet's food bowl from pesky critters and know the basics on how to keep your pet food fresh for as long as possible. Check out our top tips below and watch our tips & tricks video here.


1 - Keep your pet food in a cool, dry place. If left in a hot area or in direct sunlight, it can cause your bag of pet food to dry out and risk it becoming stale.

2 - If you prefer to keep the pet food in the bag it came in, you can either cut a small corner to easily pour it into the bowl and/or allow enough space to get your pet food scoop into the bag opening to get your desired amount of kibble out. When done, simply roll it down and place a heavy-duty clip on the bag to ensure freshness sealed inside.

3 - Many of our customers over the years swear by either a pop-top container or a brand new trash can bin with a secure lid. They just put the bag of pet food in the bin, cut off the top, and place the lid on to keep everything fresh inside.

4 - We do not recommend keeping your pet food outside in the backyard or side yard, as this invites unwanted critters to get into the pet food. Raccoons, Opossums, and Skunks are smart creatures and have been known to love Nature's Select Pet Food!

5 - Keep your pet food in a secure spot that pets and kids cannot easily get into when unsupervised.