Puppy Notes - A Letter From Shelly

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Greetings from Nature's Select Inland Empire!

Hi there! I'm Shelly Weaver, owner of Nature's Select Inland Empire. Welcome to "Puppy Notes" - a new monthly personalized newsletter to connect with you all, my amazing Nature's Select local pet food customers!

A little about me...For those of you that have been around a long time (you know who you are!) and those new to the family, I have been a distributor for Nature's Select Pet Food for 13 years now. I was a customer for many years before getting the opportunity to start my own business with Nature's Select. As a brand, Nature's Select has been a family owned business for over 28 years now! I was in banking for many years, then a stay home mom for about 13 years. I had always loved the niche of the home delivery service. Amazon and home delivery service was not the big thing it is today. So, Nature's Select home delivery service was a solidifier for me when I was approached to try the food. it reminded me of the old "milk man" service in days of old. Not that I was around during that time but I did always love that personable touch of someone bringing you your milk every week! I still remember very well looking at the gentleman at the farmers market (Ive met some of you at a farmers market!) and saying to him "You are going to deliver the food to my door? with no delivery charge??" I was hooked. And then to see the difference in my dogs was all she wrote.  This is what Puppy Notes will be all about. Little behind the scenes tidbits to let you know what we are all about. Feel free to let me know what your curious about. "Do I have pets of my own", "What's my delivery driver's name"... I'd love to hear what your curious about. In the meantime, here is an important update on our canned food. 


An important update - Writing to inform you all that while we will be discontinuing our Canned Turkey & Sweet Potato Stew Dog Food, we are developing a brand NEW canned food option that we hope to launch later this year...we will keep everyone informed as more information becomes available. The reason we are discontinuing this product is because customer demand has waned significantly over the last two years, and it is no longer justifiable as a small company to carry this item if customers aren't loving it anymore. Back to the drawing board to work on something better to introduce in its place. Any ideas or suggestions? We appreciate your feedback.


Need pet-nutrition advice? You're welcome to contact me between 930am to 430pm weekdays. Hope you are all having an excellent year so far with your family and friends. I look forward to sharing monthly fun "behind the scenes" content, but until then I just want to say thank you for supporting our small business and for choosing Nature's Select for your pets. 

Talk soon & take care, friends!