Holiday Pet Safety


Decorating your house for the holidays is always fun but can be stressful with a pup following you around trying to figure out what all these new decorations are for! Here are some Holiday Décor Tips with Pets:


Skip the Boughs of Holly

Mistletoe and holly are beautiful, but they are also highly poisonous if your dog finds a way to eat it. Poinsettias are not poisonous but can cause upset stomachs in dogs.


Let the Be Light – Safely

Candles, strategically placed around your house add a warm, festive glow and bring out the holiday scents in magical ways. If you are using candles throughout your home, be sure to keep them in protected areas. A wagging tail can easily knock them over, spilling the hot wax and potentially starting a fire.


Stabilize the Tree

For so many of us our Christmas tree is the center of our home during the holiday season. It’s the eye-catching display that we spend hours perfecting. While your tree will have a base, we still recommend securing it further to prevent it from toppling over if your pup bumps into it.

It’s also helpful to be considerate... don’t set up your tree in front of your dog’s favorite window!


Choose Ornaments Wisely

We ALWAYS recommend keeping your breakable and sentimental ornaments at the top of your tree. If you love to use glass bulbs, we recommend stringing them through your tree so you don’t run the risk of them falling off and shattering.

We also suggest avoiding decorations made of food, like strings of popcorn or candy. There’s no need for extra temptation at such a tempting time of year!


Hang the Stockings by the Chimney with Care

We all know how great the heavy duty, themed stocking holders look- trust me, we love them too! The only downside to them is if your pup tugs at a stocking and the holder falls, it can injure them. A safer, more pet-friendly option are simple plastic hooks that attach with removable tape.

If you’re anything like us, your dog also has a stocking, and they get a few great treats to enjoy. Do yourself and your pup a favor and don’t put them in their stocking until Christmas morning!